The Spanish Civil War.

Beevor, Anthony

Near fine paperback with minor use wear on cover.  11th printing.

Like the bitter conflict in Iraq today, the Spanish civil war was pathologically vicious. Religious fanaticism, political separatism and foreign intervention inflamed the violence in both cases. But it was aggravated in Spain by other factors, notably virulent class hatred. Half the nation went to bed hungry each night and anarchists said that “the sins of the old corrupt system can only be washed away in blood”. The affluent were no less ferocious. One Salamanca landowner boasted that on the opening day of the civil war he lined up all his labourers and shot six of them “pour encourager les autres”. more  (guardian review)

  • publisher: Cassell
  • date: 1999
  • edition: 11th printing
  • isbn: 9780304358403
  • condition: Near Fine
  • binding: Paperback
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  • size: 461p. 19X13cm.
  • language: English
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