The Dancing Wu Li Masters

An Overview of the New Physics.

Zukav, Gary.

_Flamingo / 1984 / Reprint.

English / ISBN: 9780006540304

cond. Fine / Paperback /  #PA0176 / image

Fine paperback reprint. 353pages +stable particle table, 19,8X13cm.

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The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav is a popular new age book from 1979 about mysticist interpretations of quantum physics. The phrase Wu Li in the title refers to one possible Chinese translation of the word “physics”, as translated by the Tai Chi teacher Al Huang, emphasizing alleged philosophical commonality between western science and eastern mysticism. The chapters of the book are each titled with other alternative translations of Wu Li, such as “Nonsense” and “I Clutch My Principles”. The author participated in a physics conference of eastern and western scientists at Esalen Institute, California, in 1976 and used the occasion as material for his book. The physicist Jack Sarfatti contributed greatly to the content of the book, as well as the Tai Chi teacher and author Al Huang.