Mr. Dixon Disappears

a Mobile Library Mystery

Sansom, Ian.

_Harper / 2009 / Second edition

English / ISBN: 9780060822538

Cond. Very Good / Paperback / (#PA0550) / image

A very good paperback like something has bitten the book as in image. 2nd ed.

257p. 20,3×13,5cm.

€ 10.00

Mr. Dixon a member of the Ulster Association of Magicians, has gone missing—along with one hundred thousand pounds in cash. Israel Armstrong, bighearted and overly inquisitive, should stick to delivering library books to out-of-the-way readers and not get involved in the investigation. But of course, he can’t help himself—which costs him his job and earns him a place of dishonor among the police’s prime suspects. Can Israel clear his name and get his van back? Will the exhibition of old local photos he’s been driving around County Antrim offer clues to Mr. D.’s whereabouts? And is a romance in the offing with winsome barmaid Rosie Hart?
All will be revealed!