Brunel, Charlotte

As new paperback.

illustrated with photographic images of famous and original t-shirts and people wearing them. birth of a myth, History of cotton, FROM UNDER GARMENT TO FULL FASHION, designs, second skin, slogans, advertisement, fashion, photos of many iconic t-shirts over the decades. Great companion of Jeans, a billboard for all kinds of messages. worldwide culture. book in excellent condition, printed in Austria, Vienna, translated from the French.

  • publisher: Brandstätter, Christian, Wien
  • date: 2003
  • edition: 1st
  • illustrator/translator:
  • isbn: 9783854982371
  • condition: As new
  • binding: Paperback
  • bookseller inventory. # PB0929
  • image:  image
  • size: 400p. 21,5x16cm.
  • language: German
  • price: 28,00

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