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Negotiate a price!

Whenever you see the Make-an-Offer button under the book/post you know that BOOKSTALblog is ready to negotiate. Click the “CONTACT” button and write in the form.

  1. The price you want to offer
  2. The currency of your offer
  3. The number of days your offer will stand
  4. The country to which the book would ship
  5. Any comments or questions that you have

Once those details are entered, click on “Submit“.

BOOKSTALLblog will be notified of your offer and will have an opportunity to accept your offer, decline it, or present a counter-offer.

You will receive an email notifying you of the ours decision or counter-offer.

If we present a counter offer, you will have an opportunity to respond by accepting, declining, or countering again, until an agreement is reached.

When we list a book under Make-an-Offer, a minimum asking price is included. The minimum asking price is the lowest price we are willing to accept for that item.

If you do not meet the minimum asking price when you make an offer, you will receive a message that says “Your offer does not meet the minimum offer price on this item.

You can always revise your offer.


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