Disobedient Objects

Flood, Catherine, Grindon, Gavin (editors)

As new paperback. Exposed spine (featured)

In the spirit of radical functionality, the book designed to accompany the surpasses conventional definitions of an exhibition catalogue. As well as a series of how-to guides, the book contains six essays and roundtable discussions that deal in rich detail with the themes highlighted by the exhibition. The essays are illustrated with images of the objects in context, facilitating an understanding of their raw power. Each essay opens with a list of (disobedient) objects that are subject to the same call to arms as the book cover and posters. The same objects are underlined throughout the book, offering an alternative reading of the texts; disobedient quotes that crudely interrupted the text. In a spirit of openness, the book features an exposed spine thereby revealing its own construction and highlighting a red thread that runs throughout.

  • publisher: Victoria & Albert Museum
  • date: 2014
  • edition: 1st
  • illustrator/translator:
  • isbn: 9781851777976
  • condition: As new
  • binding: Paperback
  • bookseller inventory. # PA0985
  • image:  image
  • size: 144p. 25x21cm.
  • language: English
  • price: 90,00 NOT AVAILABLE

Disobedient Objects