1:20 000 – 1:35 000


As new paperback foldout city map. All info in Hungarian, English, German & French.

Excellent travel map of the city is printed on one side. Reverse side contains index of place names; lists of museums, theaters, tourist information facilities. Distinguishes roads of all types, from motorways and expressways to smaller roads and pedestrian roads. Also: railways, bus terminals, subways; theaters; restaurants; nightclubs; filling stations; department stores; hotels and campsites; museums; monuments.

Scale 1:20,000-1:35,000. Distances in meters.

  • publisher: Cartographia Kft, Budapest
  • date: 2001
  • illustrator/translator:
  • isbn: 9789633522004
  • condition: As new
  • binding: Paperback (foldout)
  • bookseller inventory. # PA1047
  • image:  image
  • size: 21×10,5cm. (foldout)
  • language: Hungarian, English, German, French
  • price:10,00