Fish, Robert L.

A very good paperback with creased spine, crinkle on front & back cover as in image.

To escape justice, a Secret Service colonel masquerades as a Jewish refugee.

The thousand-year Reich is crumbling, and the Red Army races toward Berlin. As the senior leadership of the Nazi party burns its files and flees the country, Colonel Helmut von Schraeder takes a different approach. After years in charge of the concentration camp at Lublin, he knows the Russians will not spare him. And so he throws away his uniform and asks a plastic surgeon to give him a disguise no one will question: that of a Jew.

Schraeder disappears among the men and women he has spent the war torturing. When they are rescued, he is treated as a refugee. In Palestine, he is swept up in the fight for Israeli independence, becoming a hero for a people whom he tried so desperately to destroy. But von Schraeder’s past is not finished with him, and as the hate within his soul burns ever brighter, he knows he will have to answer for his crimes.

  • publisher: Futura, London
  • date: 1980
  • edition: 2nd print
  • isbn: 9780708816608
  • condition: Very good
  • binding: Paperback
  • bookseller inventory. # PA1050
  • image:  image
  • size: 379p. 17,8x11cm.
  • language: English
  • price:20,00