A Shrinking World?

2 The Shape of the World Explorations in Human Geography)

Edited by Allen, John & Hamnett, Chris

As new paperback

This is the second volume of a five-book series which offers a comprehensive, broad-based course in human geography. The building blocks of a “geographical imagination” are presented through some of the principal forces that are shaping the world as it approaches the twenty-first century. Each book develops different aspects of the geographical imagination, using a combination of text and readings. Leading issues at the forefront of global and economic change are explored throughout the series. Each chapter in this book considers a different aspect of human geography. Global cities, “footloose” multinationals, and global tourism are used to consider for whom the world is shrinking and, in so doing, draw attention to the uneven and unequal character of global processes.

  • publisher: Oxford University Press
  • date: 1995
  • edition: 1st
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