A Model for the Future

Dregger, Leila

As new hardcover paperback.

If we want peace on Earth, we have to find out what peace really means. What could a world look like in which all people have enough food, in which rivers filled with clear water can freely meander, in which children trust adults again and where conflicts no longer lead to violence but are instead solved with intelligence and compassion More than thirty years ago, a team of pioneers around the psychoanalyst Dr Dieter Duhm, the theologist Sabine Lichtenfels and the physicist Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis had the idea to develop a model for the fu- ture where these questions are answered as demonstratively, practically and convin- cingly as possible.In a comprehensive model, such questions, and many more, are connected with each other and are solved by perceiving the whole, as it was specifically the fragmentation of life into separate areas which led the whole system into the state it is in today.A comprehensive model which reconnects separated areas with each other activates the little-researched powers of self-organization, synergy and the resilience of biotopes. These powers are needed to lift the whole system to a higher level of order.Tamera Peace Research Village, in Portugal, with its international network, developed from this idea. Outside of the huge central laboratories, universities and cities, researchers of the future are practically applying their developments in places like Tamera. Compassion, responsibility for the whole and mutual support are the basic ethical guidlines for living together in Tamera.This book provides an insight into the current state of the work of Tamera in three core areas: permaculture and water landscape, solar technology and peace-education

  • publisher: Meiga
  • date: 2010
  • edition: 1st
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