Giorgos Seferis

Dichter und Bürger / Poet and Citizen


As new paperback. Catalogue from the multimedia exhibition Giorgos Seferis :Dichter und Bürger / Poet and Citizen at the International book exhibition , Frankfurt, 2001. With black / white photos. Printed in 5000 copies.

From the preface: Giogos Seferi’s centennial birthday was the occasion for the Greek Ministry of Culture to explain the year 2000 to the Seferis year, the year which is a symbolic milestone of the beginning of the new century and the new millennium. From the contents: Giogos Seferis, Dialogue of Poetry, Poetry: In the manner of G.S., Santorini, Mythical Life Report, Our Land is Sealed, Logbook II In the middle of the bones here.

  • publisher: Griechisches Kultusministerium / Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Athens
  • date: 2001
  • edition: 1st
  • translator: Stavraka, Dr. Maria (German), Davis, John C. (English)
  • condition: As new
  • binding: Paperback
  • image:  image
  • size: 224p. 14,5×10,5cm. 300gr.
  • language: English, German
  • bookseller inventory: # PA1232
  • price: €10,00