Do You Believe in Water? / Croyez-vous à l’eau? / Πιστευεις στο νερο;

3 Journeys in Cyprus and the Mediterranean.

Lia Lapithi Shukuroglou

Healing Nature / Soigner la Nature /Θεραπευοντας την Φυση. Artists monograph. Do you believe in water? Cyprus and the Mediterranean deals with political and environmental issues. The lack of caring for the environment reflects a kind of unstable ‘territorial anxiety’ that a situation like the Cyprus problem can induce. It is a territorial anxiety involving a geographic, political, economic and social burden

As new hardcover & DJ.

  • publisher: Politistikou Syndesmou Pantheon, Nicosia-Cyprus
  • date: 2007
  • edition: 1st
  • isbn: 9789963864447
  • condition: An sew / as new
  • binding: Hardcover / DJ
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  • size: 130p. 23x34cm. 1,2kg.
  • language: English, French, Greek
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