Our vanishing friends / ΟΙ ΦΙΛΟΙ ΠΟΥ ΧΑΝΟΥΜΕ

Greek domestic animals from ancient times till today

Plassara, Katerina

A 1st bilingual ed. near fine hardcover, minor signs of wear as in image, text as new. Illustrated by George Sgouras.

We have all heard about the Centaur, about the herds of Polyphemus, about the faithful Argos, who was waiting for the return of Odysseus to die.
And it is impossible not to know Bucephalus, the famous horse of Alexander the Great.
Their grandchildren are among us. Only we do not know them anymore. And worst of all, they are in serious danger of extinction.
If we know them, we can love them and maybe save them that way.
So, let’s take an acquaintance walk in the charming world of the now rare Greek domestic animals.

  • publisher: Militos, Athens
  • date: 2005
  • edition: 1st bilingual
  • illustrator: George Sgouras
  • isbn: 9789608340879
  • condition: Near fine
  • binding: Hardcover
  • image: image / image_2
  • size: not No. p. 21,5×15,5cm. 400gr.
  • language: Greek/Ελληνικα, English
  • bookseller inventory: # PA3782
  • price: €8,50 +shipping