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…from all over the world found themselves in Thessaloniki, Greece, and are looking for a chance to carry on there journey…

… from 2 big collectors/sellers & some smaller-small collectors, they end up in our bookstallblog…

An interview with BOOKSTALLblog



A book is a promise to the future, a parcel gift-wrapped in the unlikely hope that someone might actually want to read it – which makes a little tragedy out of each and every one of the millions of copies sent to be pulped each year. Maybe you’ll be able to pick up your copy after Schlock! has finished, but my feeling is that that every time a book gets turned into something else a little piece of magic dies. A book is a mysterious object, a machine that transcends time and paper and ink to take you into someone else’s imagination. Even if all you find there is Christian Grey. (Lea, Richard)