Larousse (1930s ephemera)

Bookmark / Catalogue / Post Card / Stamp Duty Edited Very good+ as in images. 1) Larousse du XXe Siecle bookmark. With crinkles (bottom), (17×4,5cm.). 2) Bibliotheque Larousse 6p. fold out catalogue. Crinkle & tiny closed tear, (18,5x12cm.). 3) Libraire Larousse carte postale (pre-printed response postcard), (9x14cm.). 4) Larousse stamp duty 1930 8fr, (3,5x3cm.). publisher: Larousse…


KH70, KS71, IK71, LS71, N71, HS71, M 72 Edited As new paperback staple bound x7 price lists (netto-preisliste / prix nets & brutto-preisliste / prix-bruts). Herstellung von elektrotechnischen Artikeln und Apparaten / fabrique d’articles et appareils electrotechnique publisher: Weber SA/AG, Emmenbrucke date: 1970-1972 condition: As new binding: Paperback image: image / image_2 / image_3 / image_4 size: 23+38+12+8+42+13+16p. 21×14,5cm. 350gr….

Human rights

Lars-Erik Hakansson LEHAN A near fine, post card (14,5x21cm.) signed by cartoonist with envelope [image_2] + 1 Amnesty press poster (42×29,5cm), 2 photocopied cartoons (21x30cm.) publisher: Morrum (Sweden) date: 1989 condition: Near fine binding: Envelope image:  image / image_2 size: 16x23cm. 100gr. language: English bookseller inventory: # PA2088 price: €45,00 CONTACT


Photos by V. Davydova & B. Krutsko As new paperback Card Set, of 12 colour cards 1 missing. publisher: «Планета» (Planet), Moscow date: 1981 condition: As new binding: Paperback Card Set bookseller inventory. # PA1107 image:  image / image_2 size: 12 Card Set 14,8×10,5cm language: Russian price: €12,00 CONTACT


Edited A new paperback notebook with pencil holder. publisher: Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe Thessaloniki 1997 date: 1997 condition: New binding: Paperback bookseller inventory. # PA1060 image:  image size: 21×15,2cm. blank pages language: English price: €20,00 CONTACT