Le Vin En France

Chroniques de France Edited A very good- paperback, ex-library with stickers and stamps, signs of wear on covers as in image. publisher: CLE International, Paris date: 1975 condition: Very good- binding: Paperback image:  image size: 24p. 26X5x21cm. 100gr. language: French bookseller inventory: # PA1293 price: €28,00 CONTACT Advertisements

Attac Contre L’Empire

Nestle Collective As new with creesped spine. Le numéro 1 mondial de l’agroalimentaire Nestlé est un exemple-type d’une grande multinationale implantée en Suisse. Elle soigne une réputation qui loue la qualité de ses produits, des bonnes conditions de travail et une politique qui irait à l’encontre de la pauvreté. Les auteur-e-s sont allé-e-s à la…

Moltiplicazione Delle Piante

  Nuova Enciclopedia Agraria Italiana In Ordine Metodico – Parte Quarta Cugini Gino – Lo Priore Giuseppe 255 disegni e foto in bianco e nero nel testo. A very good hardcover with tanning of pages, 5 pages with minor crinkle, cover as in image publisher: UTET, Torino date: 1920 edition:  isbn:  condition: Very Good binding: Paperback bookseller inventory….

Is There Anybody Out There?

The Wall Live : 1980-81 Pink Floyd Limited edition released in the United Kingdom  on 27 March, with 2CDs & illustrated with colour photos from group’s concert tour. 1980-81 As new hardcover in slipcase (laminated) + 2CDs publisher: EMI, London date: 2000 edition: Limited edition isbn:  condition: As new binding: Hardcover in Slipcase + 2CDs bookseller inventory. # PA0837 image: image …

Tobacco Review / Καπνικη Επιθεωρησις

an organ for the Protection of Greek Tobacco / Οργανον Προστασιας του Ελληνικου Καπνου B. Thasitis, Editor _B. Thasitis – Kapniki Epitheorissis / Athens / 1946-1986 / 1 – 477 issues Greek, English / A Monthly Edition Near Fine / Hardcover / (#PE0783) / image / 1st vol. / last issue / last editorial / A…

Corso Generale di Agronomia

vol. I. Climatologia e Agrologia Marro, Marco _G. B. Paravia & C / not stated / Second reprint of the tenth edition Italian Near Fine / Hardcover / (#PE0688) / image A near fine hardcover with soiling of paper, former owners name. Signed by aythor. 2a ristampa della decima edizione. Second reprint of the tenth…


Dalmasso, Giovanni _Opera Nazionale Combattenti / Roma / 1927 Italian Near Fine / Hardcover / (#PE0687) / image A near fine hardcover with soiling of paper, former owners name. numbered No.2056. Collana Agraria Italiano Con Numerose Illustrazioni A Colori E In Bianco E Nero. 314p. 18,5×13,5cm. € 20.00   CONTACT

I Concimi

e la Moltiplicazione dei Prodotti Bassi, Edoardo _Carlo Tarantola / Piacenza / 1927 Italian Very good+ / Hardcover / (#PE0669) / image A very good+ hardcover with soiled paper, stamp (Cattedra Ambulante Di Agricoltura Per La Provincia Di Padova Sezione Di Montagnana) on title page. 230p. 20x14cm. € 30.00 Also in BOOKSTALLblog Bassi, Edoardo  

Frutticoltura Iτaliana

Bassi, Edoardo _Carlo Tarantola / Piacenza / 1929 / Second edition Italian Near fine / Hardcover / (#PE0668) / image A near fine hardcover with soiled paper, former owners name, retalairs stamp. Seconda edizione rifusa con interessanti aggiunte ed istruttive figure. 412p. 19,5×14,5cm. € 30.00 Also in BOOKSTALLblog Bassi, Edoardo  

Agricoltura d’oggi

Bassi, Edoardo _Carlo Tarantola / Piacenza / 1929 Italian Good / Hardcover / (#PE0667) / image A good hardcover with broken spine, soiled paper, former owners name. +43p. Le Machine Moderne per L’agricoltura Razionale. Illustrated. 640+43p. 19,5×14,5cm. € 18.00 Also in BOOKSTALLblog Bassi, Edoardo  

Tudor Farmhouse

What Happened Here Newbery, Elizabeth _A & C Black / London / 1994 English / ISBN: 9780713638158 As New / Hardcover / (#PA0560) / image As new hardcover. Photos by Murray, maggie Illustration by Clements, Gillian. 32p. 25,319,5cm. € 25.00  


Vorbild fur die Landwirtschaft in China. Hua-wen / H. u. D. Fong-niän _Verlag Für Fremdsprachige Literatur / Peking / 1972 German Cond. Very Good + / Paperback / (#PA0439) / image A very good paperback with crinkled last 3 pages. 35p + 12 with b&w photo 18,5x13cm. € 12.00 Also in BOOKSTALLblog Verlag Fremdsprachige Literatur…