Leningrad / ЛЕНИНГРАД

28 Cards Folder Collective A very good paperback folder with crinkles on cov. as in image, 28 cards in very good+ condition. Caption text Russian, English, French. publisher: Planet, Leningrad date: 1987 condition: Very good binding: Paperback image: image / image_2 / image_3 size: 28cards 18x25cm. 450gr. language: Русский/Russkiy, English, Francais bookseller inventory: # PE3762 price: €42,00 +shipping CONTACT – ORDER

Pasta und Basta!

15 Superrezepte auf Kochkarten Kollektiv Vorspeise. Hauptspeise. Susses. A 1st ed. near fine paperback mini folder with 15 cards. publisher: Graefe & Unzer Verlag, Munchen date: 1998 edition: 1st isbn: 9783774236813 condition: Near fine binding: Paperback image: image size: 15cards 15,5x10cm. 150gr. language: Deutsch bookseller inventory: # PA3509 price: €4,00 +shipping CONTACT – ORDER

Coloane – Horia Bernea

Bernea, Horia A very good+ paperback card set (17 paintings), printed on occasion of the 2000 – Coloane, Memorialul Ipotesti − Centrul Naţional de Studii Mihai Eminescu. publisher: SEMN print Cluj date: 2000 edition: 1st condition: Very good binding: Paperback Folder image: image / image_2 size: 17cards 22×15,5cm. 200gr. language: Românesc bookseller inventory: # PE3315 price: €50,00 +shipping CONTACT – ORDER

The Light of Hampstead Heath

30 Postcards Emerson, Ellen & Sullivan, David As new paperback card-book. Colour. This postcard book celebrates the light of Hampstead Heath. Located in the hills of London, Hampstead Heath is a place of mystery and magic, of wind and birdsong, of peace and quiet in the midst of a great metropolis. publisher: Pumpkinseed Productions, London date: 2002…

Impossible Realities

Two Dimensional. Kostantinou, Yiorgos Explanda / Barcelona / 1996 / First edition English cond. As New / Card_book / #PE0165 / image As new, paperback cardbook with 8 postcards inside, limited copies. Self publishing. 15X10,3cm € 50.00 Kostantinou, Yiorgos greek wikipedia Kostantinou, Yiorgos comicdom Kostantinou, Yiorgos interview  

Lying Doggo

(He Sometimes Tells a Fib) Rawle, Graham. _Picador, / 1995 / 1st edition English  / 9780330339995 cond. as new / softcover / postcard book / #PE0016 / image  As new, Paperback, a postcard book (23). 48pp € 60.00 Synopsis: This postcard book presents a “strange but true – or is it false?” puzzle in which…