A Shrinking World?

2 The Shape of the World – Explorations in Human Geography) Edited by Allen, John & Hamnett, Chris As new paperback This is the second volume of a five-book series which offers a comprehensive, broad-based course in human geography. The building blocks of a “geographical imagination” are presented through some of the principal forces that…

Women, Sex and Pornography

Faust, Beatrice _Pelican / London / 1982 / Reprint English / ISBN: 9780140223934 cond. Very Good / Paperback / #PA0396 / image A very good paperback with minor faults on cover as in image & usual natural age toning. Reprint. Incuding 32p illustrated b&w. 232p. 13×9,7cm. € 15.00 Beatrice Faust  

Urban Politics

A Sociological Interpretation Saunders, Peter _Penguin Education / 1980 / ISBN: 9780140803860 English cond. Near Fine / Paperback / #PA0369 / image A near fine paperback copy. 384pages 18x11cm. € 22.00 In this book, the author provides a critical examination and evaluation of a number of the central political questions currently being posed in urban…

Aliens and Alienists

Ethnic Minorities and Psychiatry. Littlewood, Roland – Lipsedge, Maurice _Pelican / 1982 / First edition English / ISBN: 9780140221282 cond. Fine / Paperback / #PA0161 / image Fine paperback with mild age soiled, former owners name. 1st pub. 278pages, 19,8X12,8cm. € 35.00   CONTACT  

Dictionary of Human Geography

The Penguin Goodall, Brian _Penguin / 1987 / London / Third printing English / ISBN: 9780140510959 Near Fine / Paperback / #PA0023/ image A Near Fine book with mild soiling. 509p. 19,7×12,7cm. € 60.00 Terms drawn from a host of different topics – the economics of trade and industry, politics and sociology, the environment and…