Guyotat, Pierre A near fine paperback including CD, 1st edition, pb ex-library with stamps, stickers & markings. Progénitures, écrit de 1991 à 1996 et corrigé de 1997 à 1999, comporte trois parties. On trouvera ici les deux premières. La troisième, encore en transformation, sera prochainement publiée en volume séparé. Avec Progénitures, il s’agit d’une somme,…

Bosphorus / Βοσπορος

Live Recording at Herod Atticus Theatre Bosphorus / Βοσπορος A very good+ paperback (Box-set. booklet + CD) with faults on box-set as in image. publisher: Music Box International, Athens date: 1996 edition:  illustrator/translator: isbn:  condition: Very good+ binding: Paperback (Box-set. booklet + CD) bookseller inventory. # PA1036 image:  image size: 14,5×12,5cm. language: Greek, English price: €30,00 Bosphorus CONTACT

Ανοιξη στη Σαλονικη – Primavera en Salonico – Spring in Salonika

Σεφαραδιτικα λαικα τραγουδια – Canciones populares Sefardies – Sephardic folk songs Yannatou, Savina   A near fine paperback booklet + CD in slipcase. Text in Greek, Sephardi and English, with photos b/w from old time Salonika publisher: Lyra, Athens date: 1994 edition: CD + booklet isbn:  condition: Near fine binding: Paperback + Slipcase bookseller inventory. # PA0858 image:  image size: 80p….

Patterns and Palette Sourcebook

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Color and Pattern in Design Anvil Includes unopened CD As new hardcover. This hardworking reference book is an invaluable tool for art directors, designers, and students working in the fashion, product, and graphic design fields, as well as anyone in the business of visual communication. The Pattern and…

Is There Anybody Out There?

The Wall Live : 1980-81 Pink Floyd Limited edition released in the United Kingdom  on 27 March, with 2CDs & illustrated with colour photos from group’s concert tour. 1980-81 As new hardcover in slipcase (laminated) + 2CDs publisher: EMI, London date: 2000 edition: Limited edition isbn:  condition: As new binding: Hardcover in Slipcase + 2CDs bookseller inventory. # PA0837 image: image …