Abenteuer Naturschutz in Deutschland

Carl-Albrecht v. Treuenfels As new hardcover with very minor faults on cover as in image. publisher: Hoffmann und Campe, Hamburg date: 1986 edition: 2nd illustrator/translator: isbn: 9783455087390 condition: As new binding: Hardcover bookseller inventory. # PK1104 image: image size: 238p. 28,5×21,5cm. language: German price: €12,00 CONTACT

Collective As new with creesped spine. Le numéro 1 mondial de l’agroalimentaire Nestlé est un exemple-type d’une grande multinationale implantée en Suisse. Elle soigne une réputation qui loue la qualité de ses produits, des bonnes conditions de travail et une politique qui irait à l’encontre de la pauvreté. Les auteur-e-s sont allé-e-s à la recherche…

Kids on the Move

European Commission, Environment Directorate-General _European Commission / 2002 English / ISBN: 9789289418874 As New / Paperback / (#PA0714) / image As new paperback. Illustrated. 61p. 21×29,8cm. € 35.00 free pdf copy   CONTACT

Business and the Environment

A Handbook of Industrial Ecology with 22 Checklists for Practical Use Winter, Georg _McGraw-Hill Publishing Co / 1988 / First English language edition English / ISBN: 9783890282237 Near Fine / Paperback / (#PA0712) / image A near fine paperback with faults on cover as in image, crinkle chipping. First English language edition. 248p. 22,5x15cm. €…

Underdeveloped Areas

a Book of Readings and Research Shannon, L. W. _Harper & Brothers / 1957 / First edition English Near Fine / Hardcover / (#PA0586) / image A near fine hardcover with taning of paper. 1st ed. 496p. 24,3×17,2cm. € 30.00  


Oggi No. 9. Edited _Rizzoli / Milano / 1986 – Sept. / First edition Italian As New / Paperback / (#PA0477) / image As new periodical, including fold out super poster of the month all of the Italian rivers fish. 148p. 28×21,2cm. € 15.00  

Der Rote-Fahne-Kanal

Min, Lin _Verlag Für Fremdsprachige Literatur / Peking / 1974 German Cond. As New / Paperback / (#PA0475) / image As new paperback +38p. b/w photos, +fold out map 24x34cm. 69p. 18,5x13cm. € 16.00 Also in BOOKSTALLblog  Verlag Fremdsprachige Literatur  

En Defensa De Nuestro Futuro

Actuaciones En Favor Del Medio Ambiente Europeo Collective _European Commission / 2002 / Third edition Spanish Cond. As New / Paperback / (#PA0472)/ image As new paperback. 3rd ed. 141p. 29,7x21cm. € 80.00 Also in BOOKSTALLblog European Commission free PDF copy.  

A European Union Strategy for Sustainable Development

European Commission _European Commission / Luxembourg / 2002 / First edition English / ISBN: 9789289416764 Cond. Near Fine / Paperback / (#PA0465) / image A near fine paperback with minor bump on cover as in image. 119p. 25×17,6cm. € 90.00 Also in BOOKSTALLblog European Commission Free PDF copy  

Beyond Oil

The Oil Curse and Solutions for an Oil-free Future. Oxford: Friends of the Earth; Written by: Jo Hamilton, Lorne Stockman, Mark Brown, George Marshall, Greg Muttitt, Nick Rau, Edited by: Mark Lynas. _Friends of the Earth – Platform Research Ltd – Rising Tide / Oxford / 2005 / First edition English / ISBN: B000WBFI6I Cond….


Letts Pocket Guide to Lawrence, Eleanor – Harniess, Sue _Letts / 1991 / 1st pulication English / ISBN: 9781852381141 cond.  As New / Hardcover / #PA0321 / image As new hardcover. 1st pulication. 123pages 17,8X10,4cm € 30.00 Letts Pocket Guide to Seashells helps to identify cockles, cowries, mussels, periwinkles and other types of common seashells….