И ВРЕДБ ЕГО КУРЕНЯ /AND THE HARM OF SMOKING A good- paperbacks (staple-bound) with defects on covs. & spine as in image, text good with signs of age, FON stamp, “And laughter, and sin, and insolvency! Laughter – because it’s childish nonsense, Sin – because it is social harm, And insolvency – without a doubt….

ДУХОВНАЯ БРАНЬ (Dukhovnaya bran’) / Spiritual battle

Arseniou * Spiritual battle for the honor, holiness, glory and majesty of the Heavenly Queen. A 2nd ed. good- paperback (staple-bound), closed tears, soiling, stains FON stamp, & other defects on cov. & text as in image. *Abbot of the missionary monastery of the Resurrection of the Lord, missionary of the Holy Synod. publisher: “Russian Speech”,…

Autochromes du Mont Athos / Ο ΑΥΤΟΧΡΩΜΙΚΟΣ ΑΘΩΣ

Photographies en couleurs du musεe Albert-Kahn Collectif A 1st bilingual ed. near fine hardcover (cloth-bound) with very good+ vinyl DJ, signs of shelf wear on Dj as in image, book/text near fine. TEXT Francais, Greek/Ελληνικα. Publié à l’occasion d’une exposition à l’Institut français de Thessalonique (déc. 1997-jan. 1998) et au musée départemental Albert-Kahn à Boulogne…

Treasures of Mount Athos / ΘΗΣΑΥΡΟΙ ΤΟΥ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΟΡΟΥΣ

Collective A 1st ed. near fine hardcover (cloth-bound) with near fine DJ. Exhibition Catalogue. TEXT Greek. publisher: Holy Community of Mount Athos / Cultural Capital of Europe Thessaloniki 1997 / Ministry of Culture date: 1997 edition: 1st isbn: 9789608600904 condition: Near fine / Near fine binding: Hardcover / DJ image: image / image_2 size: 671p. 30x24cm. 3,4kg. language: Greek/Ελληνικα bookseller inventory:…

L’Univers de Chartres

Flavier, Jean & Bernard, Jean (photo.) A 1st ed. very good- hardcover (cloth-bound) with good DJ, scratching under the title & signs of light wear on DJ as in image, book/text very good+. publisher: Bordas, Paris date: 1988 edition: 1st isbn: 9782040163686 condition: Very good- / Good binding: Hardcover / Good image: image size: 191p. 33x26cm. 1,8kg. language: Francais bookseller inventory:…

Ancient Wisdom, Modern World

Ethics for the New Millennium Dalai Lama XIV A good paperback, crinkles7 other minor defects on cov. as in image, creased spine, text very good-. publisher: Abacus, London date: 2000 isbn: 9780349112541 condition: Good binding: Paperback image: image size: 246p. 17,5x11cm. 200gr. language: English bookseller inventory: # PA3604 price: €6,00 +shipping CONTACT – ORDER

In A Sacred Manner We Live

Photographs of the North American Indian by Curtis, Edward S. (photo.) & Fowler, Don D. Intro. & Commentary) A very good+ hardcover with very good- DJ, minor signs of use on DJ as in image, book/text near fine. publisher: Wings Books, New York date: 1994 isbn: 9780517228104 condition: Very good+ / Very good- binding: Hardcover / DJ image: image…

Im Zeichen des Steinbocks 21. XII. – 19.I.

Tierkreis – Quellenbandchen Verschiedene Autoren A very good- hardcover (spiral-binding), defects on cov. & spine as in image, text near fine. publisher: Leobuchhandlung St.Gallen date: 1971 condition: Very good- binding: Hardcover image: image size: not No. 12,5x9cm. 100gr. language: Deutsch bookseller inventory: # PA3564 price: €5,00 +shipping CONTACT – ORDER

Pelerinage En Terre Sainte

Fr. Godfrey O.F.M. A very good+ paperback with embedded title. publisher: Palphot Ltd, Herzlia isbn: 9789652800633 condition: Very good+ binding: Paperback image: image size: 144p. 27x21cm. 650gr. language: Francais bookseller inventory: # PE3452 price: €28,00 +shipping Notice: Has increased shipping cost due to weight (650gr.). CONTACT – ORDER

Coptic icons / Les icones coptes / Koptische Ikonen

(Orbis terrae Aegyptiae) A very good- paperback, with signs of wear & crinkles on cov. as in image, text & photos very good+. publisher: Lehnert & Landrock, Cairo date: 1986 isbn: 9789774810206 condition: Very good- binding: Paperback image: image size: 144p. 17,5×12,5cm. 250gr. language: English, Francais, Deutsch bookseller inventory: # PE3441 price: €26,00 +shipping CONTACT – ORDER

Jean-Luc Moulene

Situation II, Nocturne Athonite Jean-Luc Moulene Ce catlogue paraita l’occasion du vernissage de l’exposition a Institut francais de Thessalonique, fevrier 1994. A 1st ed. very good- paperback catalog, soiling on cov. as in image,content near fine. publisher: Institut francais de Thessalonique, Thessaloniki date: 1994 edition: 1st isbn: 2909751023 condition: Very good- binding: Paperback image: image size: 24p.27x23cm. 250gr. language: Francais bookseller inventory:…

Istanbul / ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΥΠΟΛΗ – St. Demetrios church in Ayvansaray / ΑΓΙΟΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΣ ΞΥΛΟΠOΡΤΑΣ

Restoration of the icons and iconostas / Αποκατασταση εικονων και τεμπλου Collective A 1st bilingual ed. new paperback with flaps. Text Greek, English. Illustrated (colour photos). publisher: Tempus Fugit / E.N.Manos, Thessaloniki date: 2006 edition: 1st bilingual isbn: 9608844215 condition: New binding: Paperback image: image size: 95p. 34×24,5cm. 850gr. language: Greek/Ελληνικά, English bookseller inventory: # PE3373 price: €25,00 +shipping Notice:…